Our Story

What happens when two best friends discover that they share a sense of style and a love of business?

Francesca Beaumont and Sian Haley met by chance and soon formed a lasting friendship. Soon in to their friendship in 2019, over a bottle of rosé at the kitchen table in their home in rural Surrey, they came up with a way to share beautiful, quality womenswear with the world and My Best Friends Wardrobe was born.

They say:

“We believe getting dressed should be fun. We want to offer a range of beautiful clothing and accessories that you’re excited to put on and to wear. We have developed My Best Friends Wardrobe as a community, where we will bring the best of fashion to you, from quality staple items to striking occasional pieces that you can dress up or adopt as your go-to daywear with trainers.

One thing’s for sure – you’ll wear them time and time again, making My Best Friends Wardrobe a timeless yet sustainable choice.

We are incredibly passionate about developing My Best Friends Wardrobe and we’ve moved forward to add four stores to our original online offering. Our three stores in Surrey and Buckinghamshire, alongside our first showroom in Suffolk, where we love that we are surrounded by wonderful like-minded, creative people.

We handpick each collection every season, ensuring that we showcase fresh designs, and by working with small workshops in Europe we offer limited collections of each items, so you’re less likely to find anyone wearing the same outfit as you!”

Ensuring that each piece celebrates the mantra of My Best Friends Wardrobe - that every woman deserves to own a piece of covetable clothing - and we work tirelessly to ensure this.

Sian & Francesca X

Co Founders