Our Story

Founded, as the name would suggest, by two best friends, My Best Friend’s Wardrobe is a leading womenswear and lifestyle brand coined in 2019 by Francesca Beaumont and Sian Haley.

Born out of a love for fashion, business and quality, the two, who met by chance at an event, have developed the brand to become synonymous with variety and stylishness, offering a fresh approach to both staple wardrobe essentials, seasonal trends and fun occasional pieces.

Quality and imbuing a sense of style and a life well lived, not just a lifestyle is at the heart of their brand and spirit, which is replicated across both their online and offline presence.

Businesswomen first, the brand has developed quickly since its groundings around a kitchen table in Surrey. Francesca and Sian, who both have a keen eye, have developed the collections, which change seasonally, to include modern interpretations of enduring wardrobe staples, one-off occasional outfits, and also trend centric attire.

Strategising over rosé may sound the very idyll, but both women, who have amassed nearly two decades of combined experience in heavily competitive commercial environments, have finely honed their knowledge as to what works and what doesn’t in the world of a lifestyle-centric retail brand.

Applying the principles learnt in their careers to date they have grown My Best Friends Wardrobe, in just two years, to become three high street boutiques (in prime locations), an active and engaged social media community and a thriving e-commerce platform.

Navigating the ever-challenging environs of sourcing from reputable suppliers who mirror the intent of the brand, Francesca and Sian hand select, inspect and source every piece of clothing that enters the boutiques.

Ensuring that each piece celebrates the mantra of My Best Friend’s Wardrobe -that every woman deserves to own a piece of covetable clothing -and they work tirelessly to ensure this.

From being great friends who simply admired one another’s wardrobe to business partners, proudly running a female-led entrepreneurial start-up, Francesca and Sian remain the faces of the business, are hugely passionate about what they do and appreciative of the ongoing support for the expansion of the brand.

Watch this space!